SLC Result Will Be Here, SLC Result 2070 Ready

SLC Result Will Be Here, SLC Result 2070 Ready

SLC Result 2070 is on a door to be published. You will get SLC RESULT over here as soon as SLC Result 2070 is Published.

According to SLC Result Commitee, SLC Result 2070 is going to be published as soon as possible. Just be there, SLC Result will be published over here in www.GiftOfNepal.Com.

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  1. Tilak shah

    Plz send the syntax; How can student see their result ?

  2. rekha gurung

    0061701c this is my alphabet number and my birth day is given below 2052/03/29 sir see my result and send me mail.

  3. which division

  4. Biraj sapkota

    nice job

  5. when will slc result of batch 2011 be published??

  6. Richa Sah

    0108570T is my symbol no plz send my results as soon as possible

  7. when will slc result of 2068 published ?

  8. Kapil khanal

    Plz god. I want 90% . Plz help me

  9. subina silpakar

    plz send my result AS it published soon
    symbol no. 0273418 B

  10. rajan shrestha

    0230457S is my symbol no and 2053-11-25 is my date of birth

  11. Hello how cud enter to see the >Mark sheet
    cud you emailed me please?
    DOB : 2051-10-17
    sym : 03065870 u

  12. 0157028N

  13. tilak.

    0586436f this my symbol number plz help me my slc result and who divisoin pas

  14. my symbol no.0480173
    date of birth 2051-07-07

  15. pipendra kumar mahato

    date of birth:-2043-11-15
    plz send my marksheet on my mail id
    thannk u…..

  16. hi
    help mi mi symbal namber .1050268x see you and reply ok .

  17. aakash limbu

    my symbol number is 0821421c and my date of birth is2053/09/05 olz tell my result

  18. nipesh niroula

    plz send my markseet on my mail symbol no.0291251′Y’ as my date of birth 2051-04-28

  19. Debendar Chand


    My self Debendar Chand. Plz send my Result information to my email
    My Symbol No. 672772-V
    I shall be thanful to You

  20. Hi

    My self SUDARSHAN SIGDEL. Plz send my Result information to my email
    My Symbol No.0271125W
    I shall be thanful to You

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